The #1 Coaching Program & Community for Women Flipping Houses - Start Flipping Houses Confidently

...WITHOUT making costly mistakes or risking it all!

Our FlipSisters By The Numbers!

Customers served! 100 Members
Customers served! $ 100 Average Profit!
Customers served! 100 Average # of Months per Flip

As of Jan 2024. Based on data provided in interviews.

We help you create the Heart-Driven House Flipping Business of your dreams. This is our specialty.

So That You Can Have...

  • More TIME with your kids, family, friends and causes
  • More MONEY for your kids, family, friends and causes
  • More CONNECTION with others
  • More CONFIDENCE in yourself
  • More IMPACT

The #1 Coaching Program & Community for Women Flipping Houses

The premier house flipping coaching and mentoring program designed specifically for women to confidently love old houses back to life without making costly mistakes, risking it all, or taking advantage of people.

The #1 Podcast for Women Flipping Houses: Flip Houses Like a Girl®

Rated in the Top 10% of ALL podcasts for 2022! Have you heard the amazing stories on the podcast of everyday women flipping houses successfully in markets all across the country?

New Digital Book FLIPPED Is Here! 

Flipped: Lessons and Stories of Women Flipping Houses and Facing Their Fears

The "Follow That Flip!" Video Series

Grab my "Follow That Flip!" 8-Part Video Series that takes you behind the scenes as we flip this house!

Are You a Real Estate Agent Wanting to work with investors?

The only course designed specifically for Real Estate Agents who want to learn how to work with Real Estate Investors. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact and help clients build wealth! 

Through her # 1 House Flipping Coaching Program for Women, Flip Houses Like a Girl® podcast, and FlipSisters® community, Debbie and her team have helped 1000s of women across the U.S. start and grow house flipping businesses they love.

They're on a mission to change the landscape of this good ol’ boys real estate investing industry by creating a network of inspiring women across the country who are running successful and impactful house flipping businesses.

They focus on building confidence in women by encouraging them to take small, calculated steps every single day. By doing so, even total beginners can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and build life and house flipping business they totally love that impacts their communities in meaningful and positive ways.

What Some Of Your Future FlipSisters Have To Say:

This mentoring program provides SO MUCH already - I love it! ... You do a wonderful job of supporting all of us! I am learning so much from everyone in this group, in addition to the wonderful modules you have provided.


First Time House Flipper

Thanks so much. I’m so awestruck and grateful beyond words that I found you!


First Time House Flipper | RE Agent

It's already worth it!


First Time House Flipper

You are awesome - thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!


First Time House Flipper | RE Agent

Debbie DeBerry is one of the sharpest real estate coaches around ... Debbie literally walked me through design choices that were appropriate for my target audience and current real estate market ... She gave me "tough love" advice...even when I didn't want to hear it and she literally held my hand through every phase of the project ... I highly recommend Debbie's real estate coaching services to anyone who is serious about learning to renovate and flip homes for profit.


Very Experienced House Flipper | RE Agent

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