Hey, I'm Debbie.

And as an investor, I knew there was a better way to bring old houses back to life.  

I was right.

This is part of my story of how I finally decided to take control of my future and ignore the naysayers and the gurus and follow my dream of flipping houses and making a huge impact on my family and community.

Now, my team and I walk other everyday women through all of the necessary steps to confidently start flipping houses so you can have more control and financial security, too.

I'm a Texas girl who happened to move a lot growing up. We lived in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and several different cities in Texas. I finally landed in Austin during high school, and with a very strong pull to plant some roots, I've stayed close by ever since.

I grew up an athlete, and eventually went to college on an athletic scholarship. Some of the people who have made the biggest impressions in my life have been coaches. My interactions with coaches did not end after my athletic career, as I've continued to have countless coaches in my professional life, as well. 

Shortly after college and grad school, I started my career in Real Estate in 2003. I got my license with the main goal of becoming a real estate investor.

Problem was I had no idea what I meant by that, nor did I realize I didn't need a license to invest. At the time, it just sounded cool. Boy, was I naive! It took me about 5 years, and a lot of wasted money on programs/courses and time being stubborn insistent upon figuring it out on my own, to finally figure out what being a "real estate investor" would look like for me.

I had a great real estate business working with traditional home buyers and sellers.

Then, I got tired.

  • I got tired of the hustle and chasing involved with traditional buyers 
  • I got tired of the "I need to see everything on the market before making a decision"-type clients
  • I got tired of the no-shows
  • I got tired of the "Oh, we found a house through a builder"-type customer
  • I got tired of being on call what felt like 24/7
  • I got tired of the last minute calls to go see houses they found on Zillow (that are NOTHING like what they claim to want)
  • I got tired of the roller coaster income
  • And I got really tired of seeing the crappy flips investors were putting on the market and buyers were buying!

In 2008, I finally listened to my own intuition, ignored the naysayers and flipped my first house.

And I fell in love! It was the first time in my life that I realized I was creative. Hearing people's reactions to my projects continues to be incredibly rewarding and humbling. The profit on that first flip was around $60,000. In about 4 months. Needless to say, I was hooked. My first year flipping houses, I had tripled my income.

I approach things in a very systematic way, and I am a firm believer in efficiency. I turn bigger profits faster than most house flippers because of these things. I even try to make my elementary-school aged son do things more efficiently. He's like, *insert eye-roll. And I'm like, "yeah, this is fun!" 

Things were going fantastically until 2014, when my beloved mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

She was my rock, my biggest cheerleader, my biggest fan, and my safety net, so this rocked my world in a major way. I fell apart. Other things fell apart.

The only thing I knew to do was to keep creating great houses. If I could just stay busy and focused on this, time would pass and the pain would ease.

A side effect of losing someone you love can be a full-blown examination and re-organization of your life. 

After a whole lot of introspection and soul-diving, what I realized is that I am here to teach and empower people.

While I was already living this with my friendships, family, and clients, that wasn't big enough for me.

I wasn't impacting as many lives as I wanted.

I've taught many people over the years how to flip houses and they've made great money doing so.

I knew the next step in my journey was to create a structured, kick butt program that gives women the tools AND support they need to step out of their comfort zones and flip that house they've been talking about for some time, or up-level their existing businesses.

"With my various coaching programs, I get to pay forward to others what my mom was to me - my rock, biggest cheerleader, biggest fan, and safety net." 

- Debbie

Things You Must Be To Be Successful In Anything

  •  You're 100% coachable. Meaning, you can leave your "Oh, I already know all of this" attitude at the door, and be 100% open to learning my system that's generated multi-millions in profits across the US. 
  •  You're 100% committed
    Starting any kind of business is hard. Trying a new venture presents its own set of challengesIf you are not committed to being successful, every little bump will throw you off course. The bumps are part of the process.
  •  You're 100% responsible.  You must commit to asking for help when you're stuck, and being resourceful. Only YOU are responsible for your success. The tools are provided, and the processes and steps are laid out for you to follow.

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