Empowering Women to Confidently Start Flipping Houses in Any Market

...without a real estate license, construction skills or loads of their own cash.

We Are The #1 House Flipping Coaching Program For Women Teaching Them How To Create The Business Of Their Dreams


We've Helped Create Over 3,000 Women-Owned House Flipping Businesses 


Our FlipSisters Community Loves 100s of Houses Back to Life Each Year


We Focus on Serving Others In Order to Make the Biggest Impact Possible

Your Future FlipSisters Want You To Know...

This Program Is For You If...

You Are Coachable

This is our #1 predictor of someone's success. If your need to be right is greater than your desired to be coachable, then we are not a fit.

You're Obsessed With Houses

Whether you're brand spanking new or you've flipped a few homes already, as long as you're passionate, we're a fit.

You Want A Business NOT A Hobby

We give women the tools and processes they need to be the CEO of their house flipping business.

This Program Is NOT For You If...

You Put Profit Ahead Of People

If you intend to be shady or sharky with people, or you are willing to sacrifice someone's safety for your own benefit.

You Are Close-Minded

If you think you already know it all or think you are superior to others.

You're A Course-Hopper

If you've taken numerous courses or programs and not seen any results because you haven't applied the teachings.

Common Question: Can This Really Work In My Market?

This works in ANY market, when you focus on making data-driven decisions and you follow best practices.

In fact, we have women in EVERY state, small markets, big markets, urban centers and rural farm towns doing so!

What more of our FlipSisters have to say...

"Being part of the FlipSisters program has given me a tribe of women who are brave, honest and doing hard things. Debbie is an inspiration to all of us and together we rise strong knowing we're not alone making our way in a primarily man's world. Debbie allows us to know her and see her in all her vulnerability. This has been the most empowering experience of my life.”

Kathryn M

"Working with Debbie has changed my life from stuck, blaming, and shaming, to forgiving and then loving myself. This tribe inspires me daily with heart, vulnerability, and persistence. Being part of the FlipSisters program gave me the knowledge and example that has empowered me to be the badass CEO of my company.”

Debra B

"Through Debbie’s program I found the tools, but through the FlipSisters I found the support and confidence I needed to create this amazing life for me and my family. And it just gets better day by day.”

Carmen S

"The FlipSisters program not only helps you learn a great business but Debbie DeBerry teaches you tools and skills to be a better human. Her motto of "leave people and places better than you found them" is something I also apply to my personal life. There isn't a more comprehensive approach to building a business than through Debbie.”

Julie AC

“I had done flips prior to finding Debbie DeBerry’s program, but after I went through the program it was a game changer for me. The knowledge and confidence I gained is taking my business to new levels!”

Susan B

“Debbie is an inspiration. She has created a community and a culture that has helped me as an individual take actions that are leading to a better future for myself and my daughter. When we believe in ourselves, and take actions based on those beliefs, anything is possible!”

Kim VF

Why We're The #1 House Flipping Coaching Program For Women

  • Our proven track record speaks for itself. We've helped 1000s of women successfully start flipping houses - it is our specialty. Have you seen some of the countless wins or reviews from our members?
  • Our Hands-On & High-Touch Support is UNBEATABLE. We are right by your side every single day for the full length of your mentorship while you go out into the world and flip as many houses as you want implementing everything we're teaching you.
  • We show you how to tackle the F's that have been getting in your way: Fear, Finding, Funding, Fixing and Flipping, taking away the confusion and overwhelm, while building your confidence and self-trust.

Our Multi-faceted Proven Approach Is Designed To Get You Out Of Fear & Overwhelm & Into Massive Action

Confidence & Clarity

Learn the exact steps you need to take and where to focus at every stage of the process: from forming your business to cashing your profit check.

Step-by-Step Guidance

I walk you through how to apply the strategies and processes to your specific business, regardless of your experience level and your local market conditions.

The #1 Community of Women Flipping Houses: The FlipSisters!

Regardless of your experience level - beginner through experienced - you get an inspiring community and support group where you can make connections, partner on deals, get & give private lending, ask for help, build lasting relationships, and much more with other like-minded women.

Exclusive Access to Private MONEY for Your Financing Needs

Worried you don't have access to enough money to make this work? Think again. Money should NOT hold you back. We have women in our community eager and ready to invest in your flip, whether you're a beginner or experienced.

Opportunities to Partner

Interested in partnering with someone who is also getting educated? We have women in our community ready to partner with you! Have time but no money? Have money but no time? Consider partnering! 

Online Classroom

Lifetime 24/7 Access. Go at your own pace! All course materials, including streaming videos, audio, transcripts, calculators, guides, cheat sheets, exercises, and the FlippingSmart Deal Analyzer™ are in the online learning center.

Next Step?

Because we give so much personal attention to our FlipSisters and limit the number of women we work with at a time, we want to be sure we're the right fit right now. Let's connect for a quick chat. If we aren't the right fit, we'll share some great resources with you!