Empowering Women to Confidently Start Flipping Houses in Any Market

...without a real estate license, construction skills or loads of their own cash.

Our FlipSisters By The Numbers!

Customers served! 500 Members
Customers served! $ 500 Average Profit!
Customers served! 500 Average # of Months per Flip

As of Jan 2023. Based on data provided in interviews.

How long have you put this house flipping dream of yours off to the side or tried to figure it out on your own?

There is so much noise out there, with people trying to convince you that you should be doing this strategy or that one or this other one ... when all you really want to do is love old houses back to life.

Common Question: Can This Really Work In My Market?

This works in ANY market, when you focus on making data-driven decisions and you follow best practices.

In fact, we have women in EVERY state, small markets, big markets, urban centers and rural farm towns doing so!

Why Learn To Flip Houses With Us?

  • Our proven track record speaks for itself. We've helped 1000s of women successfully start flipping houses - it is our specialty. Have you seen some of the countless wins or reviews from our members?
  • Our FlipSister Students have seen an average First Flip profit of around $59,000 within 4 months. We've seen as high as $250,000 profit on a single flip! 
  • Our Hands-On & High-Touch Support is UNBEATABLE. We are right by your side every single day for the full length of your mentorship while you go out into the world and flip as many houses as you want implementing everything we're teaching you.
  • We show you how to tackle the F's that have been getting in your way: Fear, Finding, Funding, Fixing and Flipping, taking away the confusion and overwhelm, while building your confidence and self-trust.

We Help Women Create The House Flipping Business Of Their Dreams


We've Helped Create Over 2,000 Women-Owned House Flipping Businesses 


Our FlipSisters Community Loves 100s of Houses Back to Life Each Year


 We Focus on Serving Others In Order to Make the Biggest Impact Possible

Your Future FlipSisters Want You To Know...

Our Multi-faceted Proven Approach Is Designed To Get You Out Of Fear & Overwhelm & Into Massive Action

Confidence & Clarity

Learn the exact steps you need to take and where to focus at every stage of the process: from forming your business to cashing your profit check.

Step-by-Step Guidance

I walk you through how to apply the strategies and processes to your specific business, regardless of your experience level and your local market conditions.

The #1 Community of Women Flipping Houses: The FlipSisters!

Regardless of your experience level - beginner through experienced - you get an inspiring community and support group where you can make connections, partner on deals, get & give private lending, ask for help, build lasting relationships, and much more with other like-minded women.

Exclusive Access to Private MONEY for Your Financing Needs

Worried you don't have access to enough money to make this work? Think again. Money should NOT hold you back. We have women in our community eager and ready to invest in your flip, whether you're a beginner or experienced.

Opportunities to Partner

Interested in partnering with someone who is also getting educated? We have women in our community ready to partner with you! Have time but no money? Have money but no time? Consider partnering! 

Online Classroom

Lifetime 24/7 Access. Go at your own pace! All course materials, including streaming videos, audio, transcripts, calculators, guides, cheat sheets, exercises, and the FlippingSmart Deal Analyzer™ are in the online learning center.

Your Future FlipSisters Have More To Say

Sissy I would be happy to chat with anyone who is having doubts! I joined almost 18 months ago and have never once regretted it. This tribe has been a place to learn, get my questions answered, celebrate my wins, figure out my mistakes and lift me up when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been flipping full time for almost 2 years now and I truly can’t imagine doing it without my tribe. I’ve never been part of an online community that is so close at heart. I feel valued, I feel heard and I feel respected. I’m not sure I would’ve had the confidence to keep going had it not been for Debbie’s coaching. I love her coaching style, values and I have the utmost respect for her knowledge and experience.

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Shannon I also just joined and it is so much more! I’d also be happy to answer anyone’s questions!


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Angelique Having taken dozens of expensive “guru” courses for thousands of dollars, I can say that the extra care and support here is unparalleled!


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Tammy I've spent too much elsewhere and they only want to keep selling you more costly programs. This program is a reasonable cost and the support is better than I've ever experienced with any other group. I highly recommend this program.


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Julie I wholeheartedly urge anyone thinking about taking the leap to join our tribe. Debbie's system is chock full of actionable steps to take you through a successful flip - whatever that looks like for you. But it's so much more than that! Debbie truly lives her motto to "leave people and places better than she finds them." She has quite simply made me a better human. And our private Facebook group is the most positive and supportive place on the internet. If that's what you are looking for, please consider joining.


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Karen I am a self-taught real estate investor. I have been actively looking for a group for support/advice for quite some time. This group is IT for me! Signing up for a remote program might seem scary but....this is so not! It’s a hands-on approach. It provides instant advice, coaching calls, mind-set support and systematic/data driven methods that drive educated decisions. I highly recommend this resource if you are truly looking to flip houses! Reach out if I can help calm the inner skeptic. Debbie DeBerry and her tribe are the real deal! 


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Melissa I have been a part of Debbie’s program for just over a month. Debbie has created a clear path for the beginner house flipper to be successful. I know others with experience would find great value in this program too. The resources in Debbie’s program is like no other, from researching areas to target, to scripts, to knowing how to work numbers for a potential project. There is so much more! On top of that, a support system of women who are flipping houses that can give advice and encouragement. I know this program has completely changed my life! I recommend to anyone who is serious about getting into real estate investing. Thank you Debbie!!


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Christine When I joined I wanted a coach that was going to be active and present. 

And Debbie is all that and more. I feel she is always trying to do the next step to help us grow in our real estate business.I am happy to speak to anyone who has any doubts. It's been the best decision I have made.


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Kate I echo everything these women are saying 💯‼️ Debbie DeBerry is fantastic and the program gives you the tools, confidence and and support to accomplish your flipping goals. The program is absolutely essential to ensure you don't make costly mistakes. I highly encourage anyone who seriously wants to flip houses to join... worth every penny and so much more!


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Christy I am so grateful I joined this program a few months ago! Debbie, her program, and this great community of women are the reason I am getting closer and closer to actually realizing this dream I've had for years. I should also note that I am already realizing it, and I am getting closer and closer to that first deal. This program not only offers the wisdom and experience from Debbie, which is HUGE - it also focuses on the mental barriers we can all face when trying to work up our confidence to REALLY DO THIS! It is not just about launching your business (though it is that, and you will get everything that you need and more) - it is also about owning the life that you want and creating it. It is about business but it is about life. I dreamt about having this business for years, though I always assumed it was out of my reach for any number of reasons. This program walks with you to get there.


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Carol I was one of those that thought it was too good to be true. But, I can honestly say I was wrong. The support shown from these ladies in this group is remarkable. The ideas, recommendations, the referrals, the feedback is just outstanding. We are all in this together, never have I felt belittled or criticism from this group. I appreciate every lady in this group. As with anything, some are moving faster than others but the support is definitely worth the price you pay!!!! Take a leap of FAITH!


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Norma What can I say? Lots..I just started myself and I see that Debbie is personally always involved in the group, she keeps it real, she creates a woman power community, and is a constant cheerleader in our corner! She is one that gets it and is very understandable. She is a diamond in the ruff in this industry. She rolls up her sleeves and digs in the trenches with the rest of us. I'm looking forward to this new journey with Debbie and the rest of the fine ladies in this group.


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Tammy Do NOT be stuck in the fence anymore.....Debbie is beyond amazing, and the tribe of like minded women is nothing short of a miracle! Follow the modules and lessons, soak in all podcasts, do the homework and most of all #TakeAction. 


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Next Step?

Because we give so much personal attention to our FlipSisters and limit the number of women we work with at a time, we want to be sure we're the right fit right now. Let's connect for a quick chat. If we aren't the right fit, we'll share some great resources with you!