ATTENTION! Tired of Being Overwhelmed by Self-Doubt, Uncertainty and Fear?

For Women Who Want to flip houses ...but don't know where to start or can't seem to make progress

This book helps you break free of the negative mindset and take big, scary action, so you can turn your passion for houses into a bonafide business that excites and fulfills you!

You’ll receive the Flipped digital book in PDF format plus an EPUB file for your e-reader or tablet.

Keep reading if you feel any of these things...

  • Confused about what happens when and where the heck does all this money come from anyway?
  • Pulled in every which direction by people "shoulding" on you
  • Frustrated you haven't made this dream a reality yet
  • Worried you're missing valuable time with your kids or loved ones
  • Desperate for a way out of your 9-5 and into something you're passionate about
  • Obsessed with HGTV and home renovation shows
  • Drawn to save old houses instead of seeing them leveled by builders
  • Overwhelmed by where to even start
  • Determined to give buyers safe and stylish homes

There is so much noise out there, with people trying to convince you that you should be doing this strategy or that one or this other one over here. When all you really want to do is buy, renovate, and sell or lease houses.


So, just do that. :)

A problem is that women think they need all sorts of "things" before they can get started, and that's just not the case.

What You THINK You Need:

  • A Real Estate License 
  • Loads of your own cash or credit
  • Construction skills
  • To "perfectly time the market" 
  • Start "small" and work your way up
  • Be willing to risk it all
  • Figure this all out on your own
  • The step-by-step processes and how-to's
  • To "partner" with a local flipper dude (so many bad stories!)

What You Actually Need Is In The Pages Of THE Book On Women Flipping Houses!

Flipped: Lessons and Stories of Women Flipping Houses and Facing Their Fears

For a Limited Time, you can have instant access to the digital book for just $4.99! 

You’ll receive the Flipped digital book in PDF format plus an EPUB file for your e-reader or tablet.

But because you don't trust yourself (yet!), you're listening to everyone else out there instead of your own needs and wants. You're valuing their opinions higher. This is normal; we all do it. Until we stop.

I set out to start flipping houses in The Great Recession of 2008 and everyone said I was crazy - I did it anyway.

I was tired of seeing houses by flippers lacking quality & style. 

The old adage of "putting lipstick on a pig" is exactly how it seemed they approached it

I didn't find a local investors community where I felt I fit in. Their way of doing things was definitely not in alignment with mine.

And I knew there was a better way. A way that served sellers and buyers and allowed investors to make a positive impact.

So, in 2008, I bought my first house to flip.

I was committed to giving the buyer in that area exactly what they wanted, PLUS things they only dreamed of. And to pay local tradespeople fairly and promptly.

I borrowed all the money needed for the prokect and within 3 short months, I had made a profit of about $60,000.

A year later, I had tripled my previous year's income.

With zero construction skills or experience. 

With very limited resources.

With a drive to serve others and do right by people.

If I hadn't ignored the naysayers and trusted myself enough to go after this dream, I may never have. And THAT is what I want to prevent happening for other women.

But first, here's what some of our FlipSisters have to say...

“My wife and I have definitely experienced many levels of transformation since joining Debbie DeBerry aka The Flipstress' program and FlipSisters community! More than anything, we've been surrounded by true support and encouragement. Debbie and the women in the FlipSisters community want to see each other grow, win, and experience personal and professional breakthroughs in life overall! Through this experience we've overcome one of our biggest hurdles - analysis paralysis! We grew in confidence, and followed the program - from mindset to marketing, attending coaching calls, engaging in the private group, and trusting the process laid before us. We can't thank Debbie and the FlipSister community enough; we are forever grateful for your warm, genuine, and welcoming support."


"Since discovering and joining the FlipSisters program two years ago, the trajectory of my life has been completely Flipped…in the best way possible. Debbie DeBerry gave me the tools, knowledge, courage, tough love and endless support I could have only dreamed of from a coach and mentor. Thanks to Debbie, my three daughters have a front row seat to watching their mom live a life full of intent, purpose, and service. And I’m just getting started."

Amanda B

"This program meets you at whatever stage of readiness you are in, acknowledges there are as many different stages as there are colors of the rainbow, and while walking beside you provides clear and concise laid out plans for stepping into the Boss Lady CEO position of your Real Estate journey. There are zero judgments, tons of love and support, lots of learning and laughter, and the best part is the personal and professional growth that you can experience at your own pace. You get out what you put in, but if you put 100% into Debbie's program - you will get back 1000%.”

Tammy J

“I joined Debbie's FlipSisters program thinking I'd just learn about how to start my own flipping business, but it has been so much more. Debbie is the coach and friend I didn't know I needed. I’ve worked on my mindset and rebuilt my self-confidence, self-worth, and self-love with Debbie's constant encouragement and support.”

Pam F

"Before joining the FlipSisters program, I was holding onto a lot of garbage beliefs about myself and my inability to navigate life. Debbie has helped me clear out the nonsense, and flourish as the CEO of my life and my new business!”

Paula K

"Prior to finding Debbie's program, I was scarred from a previous experience in real estate. Her program has rebuilt my confidence by giving me the tools and the step-by-step process that I was missing. The FlipSisters are the best encouragers and problem solvers any girl can ask for! We laugh, we help each other, we celebrate each other... There simply is not another group like this anywhere!!"

Isabelle PC

Here's A Peek Inside The Pages..

  • The 5 Phases of a house flip
  • The first 2 critical tasks when starting this business
  • Powerful and quick 5-step process to find your gut-punching Why
  • How I clawed my way back filing bankruptcy and being flat broke
  • The much better way to do this business than the average flipper's appalling "lipstick on a pig" approach
  • How to set goals smarter
  • How to manipulate the Thought Cycle to get the results you want faster
  • The "Secret" to Flipping Houses - do this anywhere anytime and you will always be successful
  • The Key Performance Indicators we use daily to make smart, data-driven decisions
  • What we mean by "bring the data, not the drama"
  • Why the notion of being "fearless" is a toxic lie and sets people up to fail
  • How to put fear to work FOR you 
  • What fear and excitement have in common and the 2-second reset anyone can do to shift into action
  • How failing faster and reaching challenges quicker in our businesses actually leads to greater and quicker success
  • A quick and dirty Fear Reframing Exercise designed to get you unstuck and into action
  • Shifting out of money scarcity and into financial abundance for good 
  • Why your goal in any negotiation should be for the other person to walk away feeling like they got what they want
  • Our Stepping Scared mantra
  • What perfectionism is and what it isn't, and how to stop chasing it for good
  • What my Sniff Test is and when to use it to avoid making a bad house purchase
  • How to Drive for Dollars with kids in the car
  • What the ultimate goal of your first flip should be
  • How to accurately predict the project timeline on a flip to sell or flip to rent
  • How to play to win versus play not to lose
  • The 5 qualities of a Good Leader
  • The Best Practices that will keep you from making costly mistakes
  • My Super Simple 5-Step Guide to Marketing that has helped create multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses 
  • My Profitable Flip Formula that is way more precise than the antiquated 70% Rule of yestercentury

Plus about 137 more things! Give or take...

A Little More About Debbie's Story

Debbie DeBerry is a Texas licensed real estate broker who began flipping houses in 2008.

Everything was going great until 2014 when her mom, biggest supporter and cheerleader died suddenly from a heart attack while sleeping. This tragedy threw Debbie into a tailspin wanting to find someone to blame and reasons why. She finally realized that in order to move through her grief, she would have to find something outside of herself to focus on.

In 2017, she founded FlipSisters, an online coaching community that has helped thousands of female real estate investors create businesses focused on service, impact, and connection. By encouraging women to chase their house flipping dreams, the program honors Debbie’s late mother and pays forward her unconditional love and support.

Debbie also hosts the top-rated real estate investing podcast for women, Flip Houses Like a Girl, which features some of her students’ success stories. She doesn't feature "experts" like other podcasts, rather everyday women who are out there chasing their dreams.

What more of our FlipSisters have to say...

"Being part of the FlipSisters program has given me a tribe of women who are brave, honest and doing hard things. Debbie is an inspiration to all of us and together we rise strong knowing we're not alone making our way in a primarily man's world. Debbie allows us to know her and see her in all her vulnerability. This has been the most empowering experience of my life.”

Kathryn M

"Working with Debbie has changed my life from stuck, blaming, and shaming, to forgiving and then loving myself. This tribe inspires me daily with heart, vulnerability, and persistence. Being part of the FlipSisters program gave me the knowledge and example that has empowered me to be the badass CEO of my company.”

Debra B

"Through Debbie’s program I found the tools, but through the FlipSisters I found the support and confidence I needed to create this amazing life for me and my family. And it just gets better day by day.”

Carmen S

"The FlipSisters program not only helps you learn a great business but Debbie DeBerry teaches you tools and skills to be a better human. Her motto of "leave people and places better than you found them" is something I also apply to my personal life. There isn't a more comprehensive approach to building a business than through Debbie.”

Julie AC

“I had done flips prior to finding Debbie DeBerry’s program, but after I went through the program it was a game changer for me. The knowledge and confidence I gained is taking my business to new levels!”

Susan B

“Debbie is an inspiration. She has created a community and a culture that has helped me as an individual take actions that are leading to a better future for myself and my daughter. When we believe in ourselves, and take actions based on those beliefs, anything is possible!”

Kim VF 

Grab Your Digital Copy Of Flipped For Just $4.99!

You’ll receive the Flipped digital book in PDF format plus an EPUB file for your e-reader or tablet.

What even more of our FlipSisters have to say...

"Working with Debbie has been a life changing and eye opening experience. Since I began as a student over 3 years ago, I’ve searched high and low to add more people to my life like her. No one has been able to reach that bar, yet. But through her, I have met hundreds of women who have the same goals of growth, leading with heart and being purposeful in their direction. Seeing their success along with Debbie’s coaching has spurred me on to becoming more of who I want to be in business and in life."

Sis D

“Debbie is an incredible leader, motivator, and human being. She creates safe spaces for women to thrive and pursue their dreams, related to flipping homes, but also to bettering their lives in ways that far reach past her program initiatives.”

Amy F

“I wanted to learn how to flip a house for a decent profit. Debbie & the Sisterhood know your needs- like reframing your mindset, transforming fear into excitement, building a team, and developing self worth. It’s not sugar-coated. It takes work and they see you through, with love and encouragement, to every finish-line. Over and over again!”

Darci W

“Prior to Debbie's program, I was afraid to do the thing. Today I do things scared and have confidence! I love the support we give each other to be better do better! Debbie gives soo much more than how to flip homes! She has really built a community full of knowledge and support! Love this place!”

Martha G

“I joined Debbie's program thinking I wanted to flip houses, but I ended up flipping my mindset too! Now I look at problems as opportunities to learn, but most of all I'm able to "do the thing"!! Thanks to Debbie and her program!”

Tiffany L

“When I joined Debbie DeBerry’s program I heard her say the greatest transformation would take place not within the homes I flip but within me. I didn’t really get it, but I do now. Debbie’s program did make me a successful house flipper, but the real success has been the person I have become through that process.”

Kaylynn B