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What You Can Expect To Learn

  • How to analyze the right comps and NOT overshoot your After Repair Value estimate
  • How to keep the project, budget and contractors on track 
  • How to avoid common costly mistakes that take down many beginners
  • How to price and position for maximum profit when you sell
  • ...so freaking much more. Who knows what will come up!? It's happening LIVE!

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    Debbie is a Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker, in business since 2003, and a highly regarded and sought out real estate investing coach.

    She grew tired of the "chase" of traditional real estate sales and didn't want to be on call anymore. Eager to start a family, she also knew she needed way more time and energy freedom than just being a real estate broker allowed.

    She knew that adding a second stream of income was the smartest way to get that freedom she craved. Around that same time, she grew tired of the crappy properties other investors were putting on the market as completed flips.

    She quickly found her passion when she flipped her first house in 2008. Since then, she has been involved in 100s of flips, mastering the art of it all. Her superpower is empowering other women to do the exact same thing, so they too can achieve control over their time, energy and finances.