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You've got FREE Access to our 8-Part Video Live House Flip Series PLUS Tools and Resources we use in our own house flipping business.

What You Can Expect To Learn

  • How to analyze the right comps and NOT overshoot your After Repair Value estimate
  • How to keep the project, budget and contractors on track 
  • How to avoid common costly mistakes that take down many beginners
  • How to price and position for maximum profit when you sell
  • freaking much more. Who knows what will come up!? It happened LIVE!

Part 1: Here We Go!

Initial Walkthrough

This is obviously the first time I'm walking the property, hence the name of the video - creative, I know.  

Follow That Flip Intro

Here's just some of what I cover in this video: 

  • How we found the deal
  • Working with wholesalers
  • The exact steps we took between contract and closing

The 8-Part Video Series

Here We Go!

Part 1 - You are here!

The Flipstress® Mission:

To educate, encourage and empower women to confidently chase their dream of flipping houses with the proper tools and support to succeed. 

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