Follow That Flip! Series

Part 5: Managing Contractors & the Punch List

Day 25 Walkthrough

Check out the progress!

Follow That Flip Part 5

Here's just some of what I cover in this video: 

  • The progress of the last few days
  • How to find contractors
  • Tips for managing contractors
  • What the Independent Contractor Agreement is and what it must include for your protection
  • ...and more! 

Be sure to download my handy dandy 100-Item Project Punch List:

What more of our FlipSisters have to say...

"Being part of the FlipSisters program has given me a tribe of women who are brave, honest and doing hard things. Debbie is an inspiration to all of us and together we rise strong knowing we're not alone making our way in a primarily man's world. Debbie allows us to know her and see her in all her vulnerability. This has been the most empowering experience of my life.”

Kathryn M.

"Working with Debbie has changed my life from stuck, blaming, and shaming, to forgiving and then loving myself. This tribe inspires me daily with heart, vulnerability, and persistence. Being part of the FlipSisters program gave me the knowledge and example that has empowered me to be the badass CEO of my company.”

Debra B.

"Through Debbie’s program I found the tools, but through the FlipSisters I found the support and confidence I needed to create this amazing life for me and my family. And it just gets better day by day.”

Carmen S.

"The FlipSisters program not only helps you learn a great business but Debbie DeBerry teaches you tools and skills to be a better human. Her motto of "leave people and places better than you found them" is something I also apply to my personal life. There isn't a more comprehensive approach to building a business than through Debbie.”

Julie C.

“I had done flips prior to finding Debbie DeBerry’s program, but after I went through the program it was a game changer for me. The knowledge and confidence I gained is taking my business to new levels!”

Susan B.

“Debbie is an inspiration. She has created a community and a culture that has helped me as an individual take actions that are leading to a better future for myself and my daughter. When we believe in ourselves, and take actions based on those beliefs, anything is possible!”

Kim F.

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