Follow That Flip! Series

Part 4: Budget Saving Ideas, Brownie Bites and More...

Day 19 Walkthrough

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Follow That Flip Part 4

Here's just some of what I cover in this video: 

  • The progress of the last few days
  • Step-by-step how I flipped/up-leveled a vanity for less than $40
  • One of the not-so-glamorous sides of flipping houses 
  • Budget saving ideas for your own flips
  • ...and more! 

What some of our FlipSisters have to say...

"Working with Debbie has been a life changing and eye opening experience. Since I began as a student over 3 years ago, I’ve searched high and low to add more people to my life like her. No one has been able to reach that bar, yet. But through her, I have met hundreds of women who have the same goals of growth, leading with heart and being purposeful in their direction. Seeing their success along with Debbie’s coaching has spurred me on to becoming more of who I want to be in business and in life."

Sis D.

“Debbie is an incredible leader, motivator, and human being. She creates safe spaces for women to thrive and pursue their dreams, related to flipping homes, but also to bettering their lives in ways that far reach past her program initiatives.”

Amy F.

“I wanted to learn how to flip a house for a decent profit. Debbie & the Sisterhood know your needs- like reframing your mindset, transforming fear into excitement, building a team, and developing self worth. It’s not sugar-coated. It takes work and they see you through, with love and encouragement, to every finish-line. Over and over again!”

Darci W.

“Prior to Debbie's program, I was afraid to do the thing. Today I do things scared and have confidence! I love the support we give each other to be better do better! Debbie gives soo much more than how to flip homes! She has really built a community full of knowledge and support! Love this place!”

Martha G.

“I joined Debbie's program thinking I wanted to flip houses, but I ended up flipping my mindset too! Now I look at problems as opportunities to learn, but most of all I'm able to "do the thing"!! Thanks to Debbie and her program!”

Tiffany L.

“When I joined Debbie DeBerry’s program I heard her say the greatest transformation would take place not within the homes I flip but within me. I didn’t really get it, but I do now. Debbie’s program did make me a successful house flipper, but the real success has been the person I have become through that process.”

Kaylynn B.

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