Flip Houses Like a Girl

How to Start & Scale Your House Flipping Business to Generate Consistent Cashflow & Build Wealth You Can Leave for Your Kids & Grandkids


This Premium Coaching Mastermind is Designed to Guide You Along Your Entire Journey:

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Where Are You On Your Flipping Journey?

​​​​Stage 1: Starting Smart

You have a burning desire to flip houses. You love those "before and after" photos, and the idea of breathing life into something old and rundown. You just don't know how to get started and piece it all together, and you're scared of making costly mistakes along the way.

Stage 2: House Hunting

You have your business entity, REALTOR®, contractors and financing all set up. Now, you're ready to find the right kind of deal for your specific market, making sure you're focusing on the right areas and price point. You know you need to be actively marketing & generating leads, but you feel vulnerable putting yourself out there, you want to make sure your marketing dollars are wisely spent, and you need help devising a targeted plan so you can reach your goals faster. 

Stage 3: First Flip!

You've got an offer accepted and you need to get it to the closing table. You're scared and excited all at once - you're "scarecited"! You want the contractors to show up and finish the job on time and on budget, and you're putting systems & processes into place to manage the people, project and any potential problems. Ultimately, you want to make the best choices to minimize potential problems and maximize your profit.

Stage 4: Consistent Cashflow

Phew. You've ripped off the bandaid and completed your first flip! Maybe you made money, maybe you didn't. You're committed to improving things for your next one. You're interested in flipping a few houses per year to generate consistent cashflow. You need to be implementing the right systems, processes, marketing strategies, and team to scale your business and efficiently flip multiple houses per year. You want to maximize your impact and profit, without sacrificing your time freedom.

Stage 5: Leaving a Legacy

Flipping houses is the perfect marriage of your love for design and reinvigorating tired houses. You've had a successful cashflowing business for a while, and it's time to start building wealth. You're going to add longterm and vacation rentals to your portfolio, and you may want to invest in others' flip projects as well. Your ultimate goal has always been to build something that satisfies your creative side, impacts the world positively, and leaves a legacy for your children.

Things You DO NOT Need:

  • Real Estate License (If you have one, great ... but it is NOT necessary)
  • Handyman/Construction Skills (Can you write a check? Perfect! I teach you how to work with Contractors)
  • Tons of Cash nor Excellent Credit (I teach you how to leverage OPM - Other People's Money) 


  • Quick & Actionable Trainings 
  • Action Items
  • Case Studies of Flips
  • Live Coaching + Q&A Sessions
  • Mindset Nuggets 
  • Interviews with Female House Flippers 
  • "Office Hours" for Instant Help
  • Accountability
  • Partnering & Networking Opportunities
  • and I'll be adding other things as YOU need them! 

Why there's no better place to learn how to start and grow a successful house flipping business

Hey there! Debbie here 🙂

I've been in real estate since 2003, involved in over 500 real estate transactions, including traditional transactions, longterm rentals, vacation rentals and loads of fix and flips. I've also won awards and been acknowledged for my volume of real estate production. But I didn't just magically wake up with all of that one day. Here's part of my story...

In 2003, when I first started out on my path to becoming a real estate investor, I didn’t really know what kind of investing I wanted to do. I bought so many programs to help me try to figure it out. I’m talking home-study courses on tax liens, buying and selling notes, wholesaling, short sales, auctions, lease options ... you name it, I studied it.

The problem? None of them sounded appealing or fun or motivating or interesting, in the least. 

Around 2008, my real estate career was going great, but I was ready to start a family and knew I wanted more control over my time, energy output and income. I didn't want to be on call anymore! Meanwhile, I’m seeing investors flipping houses and making great money. These flips were terrible, y’all, and buyers were scooping them up like crazy. I was equally appalled and inspired to take action. I was going to step up and create beautiful spaces for people and take back control of my life! Woohoo! 

The problem? I had no idea HOW to actually flip a house. (wah-wah)

Even though I had been an active real estate agent for a few years, I didn’t know how to piece it all together. Who would fund it all? What happens when? How do I tell if it’s a good deal? So. Many. Questions.     

After stubbornly trying to figure it out on my own and wasting time and money, I hired a mentor. A few months later, my first flip profited about $60,000. Fantastic, right? The coolest thing about it, though, for me, was the way people praised my vision and creativity. All of a sudden I was seen as creative. Huh?? I was like, “No, you guys, I’m super left-brained; I am NOT creative." Well, I was wrong. Way wrong.  

Over the many years and many projects, I’ve mastered a process that works in any market. And I've mentored women across the US and seen so many flip their first houses!

Now, I'm excited to announce the recent addition of Flip Houses Like a Girl™ premium coaching mastermind for every stage of real estate investor - so you can continue to hone your fix-and-flip craft as well as grow and scale your real estate investing business. This is for ALL LEVELS.

Flipping houses has been an incredible journey. I've had big wins, learned big lessons, and impacted my family and community in so many positive ways. I was quickly making a multiple 6-figure income, and the beauty of it all is that I get to do what I'm passionate about PLUS have so much free time for my kiddo, family, friends, and anything else I choose.  

I want the same for you. Now, let’s get started...


In honor of my Mom who has inspired me so much, and is the reason I choose to empower women to be self-sufficient and love their lives, I'm doing special pricing. She passed away on her 73rd birthday, so we're doing a wonky $73 offer! 

Special Introductory Pricing - ACT FAST!

(rates WILL continue to go up for future open registrations)


Locked-In Regardless of Price Increases!




  • Monthly Trainings & Action Items
  • Monthly Case Studies
  • Monthly Interviews w/House Flipping Women
  • Daily "Office Hours" for Immediate Support
  • Daily Deal Reviews 
  • Accountability & Mindset Sessions

You'll Get Step-by-Step Guidance, Support & Community


Step-by-step lessons. 24/7 online access. Go at your own pace. 


Support. Connection. Education. All geared to get you through your first/next flip or help you build your wealth faster. 


For targeting the best areas, analyzing deals, managing contractors and timelines, minimizing your risk, and much much more.


The exact things you need to focus on to build a smart house flipping business.


For Members Only. Get your questions answered. Belong to a tribe of like-minded women with similar goals.


Because goals without accountability are rarely achieved. 

This is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • Your cool with taking center stage. Husbands, boyfriends, and significant others are of course encouraged to join you in this  venture, however, I want you to lead the charge and be self-sufficient.
  • You understand that this is NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.
  • You operate from a place of deeply caring for people and your reputation. You want to contribute in a hugely positive way to your community.
  • You know that time is your greatest asset, and believe in working efficiently and smartly. 
  • You are prepared to take an active role in your business and life. You must take action.
  • You are coachable.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for an easy button. The process of flipping houses is simple, not easy.
  • You aren't willing to take responsibility for your life and business.
  • You aren't willing to connect with others, and contribute to the group.
  • You think you have to do shady things in order to be successful in business. 

Common Q's

Is this for beginners? I'm completely new to flipping. Is this for me?

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Are you sure I can do this?

What's your refund policy?

What do I do if I get stuck or need help quickly?

I've flipped a house before, is this relevant to experienced investors?

How long is my monthly rate guaranteed?

Are you sure you tell me all the steps I need to take to get my first (or next) flip done successfully?

Special Introductory Pricing - ACT FAST!


Locked-In Regardless of Price Increases!




  • Monthly Trainings & Action Items
  • Monthly Case Studies
  • Monthly Interviews w/House Flipping Women
  • Daily "Office Hours" for Immediate Support
  • Daily Deal Reviews 
  • Accountability & Mindset Sessions

Love From The Tribe:

This mentoring program provides SO MUCH already - I love it! ... You do a wonderful job of supporting all of us! I am learning so much from everyone in this group, in addition to the wonderful modules you have provided.


First Time House Flipper

Thanks so much. I’m so awestruck and grateful beyond words that I found you!


First Time House Flipper | RE Agent

​It's already worth it!


First Time House Flipper

You are awesome - thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!


First Time House Flipper | RE Agent

Debbie DeBerry is one of the sharpest real estate coaches around ... Debbie literally walked me through design choices that were appropriate for my target audience and current real estate market ... She gave me "tough love" advice...even when I didn't want to hear it and she literally held my hand through every phase of the project ... I highly recommend Debbie's real estate coaching services to anyone who is serious about learning to renovate and flip homes for profit.


Very Experienced House Flipper | RE Agent