The 3-Part Method to Confidently Buy, Renovate and Sell Houses in Any Market

(Without a real estate license, construction skills or deep pockets!)

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This Masterclass is a MUST attend if...

  • You have a burning desire to flip houses and want to make sure you get things right the first time
  • You have been stuck on the sideline not knowing the right first or next move
  • You want to learn how you can make flipping houses your main source of income while phasing out exhausting things like working with clients or a soul-sucking day job

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • The top 3 mistakes EVERYBODY makes when they're first starting their real estate investing journey
  • The secrets to making a great living and impact without starting small, working your way up or doing REI strategies you have zero interesting in doing (like wholesaling)
  • The 2 things I had to do to go from wasting away on the sideline making zero progress to making over $60,000 on my first flip in the Great Recession of 2008 - when they all said it was impossible

About Debbie DeBerry aka The Flipstress®

Through her signature house flipping program First Flip Done Right™, Flip Houses Like a Girl™ podcast, and public Facebook group - Women Flipping Houses, Debbie inspires women across the U.S.

Debbie’s on a mission to change the landscape of this good ol’ boys real estate investing industry by creating a network of badass women across the country who are running successful and impactful house flipping businesses.

She focuses on building confidence in women and proves that by taking small, calculated steps every single day, even total beginners can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and build life and house flipping business they totally love that impacts their communities in meaningful and positive ways.


This was the best webinar on real estate investing I've attended. The myths you bust are eye-opening!


Wow. You're right! You cut right through the real estate investing bro BS.


I'm a licensed real estate broker and I learned more in this free webinar than I've learned in any real estate class I've taken.

Save your spot in this training while you can.

*It's only offered a few times each year.