To Put It Another Way: There Are No Easy Buttons Or Shortcuts, My Friend.

So, what's got my blood boiling this morning, you ask? An email from a guru containing the following words was in my inbox this morning:

"There is finally a way to see every wholesale deal in your city or neighborhood."

Pretty bold claim, huh? 

Isn't this exactly what any real estate investor would want to hear? That this was actually possible? 

The easy button we've all been looking for! 😱

Or is it...

Not so fast, y'all. 

So, what's my beef exactly?

1. This sentence is a blatant lie.

How do I know it's a blatant lie? Well, because I have a wholesale deal that is definitely NOT listed on their site. I have a pal with at least a dozen wholesale deals NOT listed on their site. And there are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of other wholesale deals NOT listed on their site. 

It makes you wonder why they gotta lie, huh?

2. They assume you're lazy.

There's an adage in sales and it's to sell people what they want, and give them what they need. (A lot of people forget to follow through on the last part, unfortunately.)

The vast majority of humans want the EASY way. The way that requires the least amount of growth on their part. The way that will get them financial security, and time and energy freedom without sacrificing anything. 

That's just not how things work. 

In order to be someone you aren't right now (whether that's a successful house flipper or professional ballerina), you have to be someone you haven't been up until now. 

You don't get to grow without actually growing. 

Shocking, I know. 

To add insult to injury, though, gurus continue to make more money off of products that are completely unnecessary because PEOPLE CONTINUE TO WANT THE EASY BUTTON. 

Sunshine, it doesn't exist. 

Or if it does, it looks like this: taking smart, calculated action steps in the direction of your goal every single day.

3. This "New" Technology Has Existed For Decades.

Said in a different way: they think you're gullible. 

List providers and title companies, just to name a couple examples, have been providing this technology since way before you even thought about flipping houses for a living.

One of the features they tout is the ability to overlay properties of (POTENTIALLY) distressed homeowners on a map. Basically, they provide a list of homeowners that meet a certain criteria (e.g., non-owner-occupied, deed date 15+ years, within certain zip codes) and overlay that data onto a map, thereby pinpointing the properties. 

I've been using this very technology since I started investing in 2006, y'all. List providers are already doing this.

Why are they claiming this is new?

1. Because they're in the business of marketing. You wouldn't claim something is old, and expect to get too many sales.

They also know people want an EASY BUTTON, so by claiming this is THE new easy button, they know it will hook certain people. Sales 101, y'all.

2. They know it's what you want to hear.

3. They can amplify their sales. They'll get sales from the listing side (wholesalers paying to list their properties) and the buying side (investors clamoring to find their first deal without putting in true effort).

4. It's just another monopoly. Not the board game. 

So, how do you combat it?

1. Stop looking for the easy way.

2. Take smart, calculated action steps toward your goal of flipping your first house every single day.

3. Quit giving your hard-earned money to the wrong "solution".

4. Use a list company to get the current, exact information you need to target the right people on multiple channels (both online and offline).

I hope this post leaves you more educated on these types of offerings. If you have any questions, let me know by scrolling down and leaving a comment!

Out of the utmost respect for you, my promise is to always shoot straight with you. I won't BS you. I won't fluff things. I'm direct, and to the point . . . even if that means ruffling some feathers along the way.