Leaving people and places better than we find them.

Want Me and Our Team to Help You Confidently Start Flipping Houses?

It's our specialty! We've guided 1000's of women with little to NO experience through their first flip in a way that serves others, makes a positive impact, and creates time freedom. Let's go!

First Things First: Here's Who We DO NOT Work With

  • Women who are Know-it-Alls or Self-Centric. Come humble, learn, share and grow with our FlipSisters.
  • Women focused on profits first. Yes we make a great income, but NOT by focusing on the money. 
  • Women who are complainers or victims and unwilling to start showing up differently in the world. 
  • Women who do NOT take responsibility for their efforts and themselves. 
  • Women who take more than they give
  • Women who focus on lack instead of abundance.

Here's Who We DO Work With

  • Women obsessed with saving old houses.
  • Women who want to lead a business that Serves Others First - trust me, the profit will follow! 
  • Women who are coachable and care about lifting up other women.
  • Women who want to flip houses to sell and flip houses into rentals.
  • Women who believe in giving back to their communities.
  • Women from all walks of life - we are inclusive and NOT about being elitists.
  • Women who want TIME FREEDOM and to make a positive impact!

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Here's Our Simple 3-Step Process

We have pressure-free, genuine conversations with women to help them get unstuck.


You'll fill out a short form to tell us a bit about you, then choose a time to connect with us on a call. 


Between now and our call, you'll watch a short video I email so you can learn who we are and how we work.


We'll connect on our call to see if we're a great fit and answer any questions you may have. 

Let's Get Started!

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Debbie DeBerry | The Flipstress®

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