Meet Our Coaches Who Help Make The Human Transformations Happen

You can learn about Debbie's background and how the FlipSisters® Coaching Program & Community were born and the inspiration behind it all on the Our Story page.

Also, if you're waiting for someone else to give you permission to chase the things that light YOU up... here's your permission slip! GO GET IT. Whatever "IT" is for you, go get what you want. 

The only thing standing in the way of your success is you.

And with some work around limiting beliefs plus the A-Z house flipping knowledge you gain from our curriculum, you discover a sense of self-trust and confidence that propel you to achieve your dreams.


Sis (and Lola!)

Heya!  My name is Sis. I’m a Client Success Coach with The Flipstress and a real estate investor in Nebraska.

I consider myself an adventurous woman who brings a lot of laughs and drive to everything I do. I have a passion for the great outdoors, especially hunting, fishing and horseback riding.  Along with my love of the outdoors, I have always had a passion for teaching.  Working at The Flipstress has been so fulfilling in that arena.  Seeing women have those “aha” moments of clarity and finding their own power is what really lights my fire.

My professional background is in Communication and Education.  I spent several years teaching and moved to real estate investing when I lost my love of our education system.  

Flipping houses was something that was always in the back of my mind as something I could be good at, but I needed someone to tell me it was possible for me.  Cue Debbie DeBerry.

I started as a mentee with The Flipstress and loved the program so much that when I was invited to join the team, it was an easy “Yes!”.

I'm known for loving hard.  Which means, I'm not afraid to give a push when needed, be direct and honest.  But, I'll also be your biggest cheerleader.  Yes, I have pom-poms! 

When I'm not coaching I love spending time with my family.  My husband Jeff and I have 7 children between us and 8 grandchildren.  And I can't leave out our sweet little dog, Lola.  She goes with me everywhere.

My approach to life is one of balance.  I work hard to achieve my goals and it's important to me to enjoy life along the way.  I believe every woman should have that same opportunity and it's my mission to help them find what lights them up inside!

I'm a kick ass female real estate investor coach with a heart of gold. I have over 4 years of experience in the real estate industry and has successfully built a real estate business that allows her to live life to the fullest on her terms! .

With a passion for empowering women in the industry, I've cultivated a love for aspiring female real estate investors. My knowledge of the real estate market, practical skills, and personal development combine well to make me a comprehensive and effective coach.

What sets me apart from other real estate coaches is my compassionate heart. I truly care about the success of our students and go above and beyond to provide support and encouragement throughout the process. I understand the challenges that come with being a female in a male-dominated industry and works tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive space for my students to thrive.

I believe that with the right mindset and tools, anyone can achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

When I'm not coaching, I enjoy spending time with my better half - Chuck - and my horse and many dogs. I enjoy traveling, great bourbon and fine cigars! 


Shari Jo

Hi. I’m Shari Jo and I love, love, love my life as a coach, wife and cat mom.

I truly enjoy learning but have always had an even bigger desire to share knowledge and experiences. So much, in fact, that I spent most of my childhood grounded for things like talks too much, distracts other children, cannot sit still, and works ahead of the class.

I learned to believe that because I couldn’t be what others would consider "normal" there was something wrong with me.

I finally discovered that these things that made me different were actually gifts that were meant to make me amazing.

So, after 30 years of working hard in the corporate machine and making other people’s dreams come true, it was time to truly become the real me. (Which I am still working on.) Now, I assist people all over the world in becoming the best version of themselves.

We do this through mindset shifts, personal accountability and taking positive action. And that’s I am so excited to work with you.

You’re worth it.

I firmly believe that a vision without action is nothing more than a dream that will eventually fade away and be remembered fondly as something awesome you could have done-if only you had tried!

I love being a Flipstress Momentum Coach because I get the privilege of helping others overcome some of the same challenges and limiting beliefs that held me back for so long. It’s so magical to watch life transformations while working with the most awesome team at the same time.

And by the way, I still talk a lot and NEVER want to be “normal”.

Hi! I’m Kristine, a Community Coach and Real Estate Investor from Torrance, California. 

My professional background is Architectural Engineering. I’ve always loved numbers, spreadsheets and the built environment. I began my real estate journey with a flip in 2019 and have been building a real estate portfolio since 2021.  I love every aspect of real estate investing and feel passionate about empowering women to make their real estate dreams a reality.

I enrolled in the program in May of 2022 as I was rehabbing what would become my first long term rental. I joined because I needed support, mindset work and of course, the real deal on the numbers. At this point in my journey, I feel unstoppable! 

My favorite part of coaching is guiding someone through the deal analysis process on flips and rentals. Seeing women who may not have felt confident with numbers, really get it, is what I live for. I love watching women progress outside of their comfort zones. 

My husband Paul and I have 2 athletic, ambitious teenagers and a beautiful German Shepherd named Lola. We love sunshine and the outdoors. I am an introvert to my core who loves coffee, reading and running.


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