Real Estate Investing for Real Estate Agents

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Close more deals by working with investors who buy and sell multiple times a year regardless of the market. Create security and financial freedom and stop chasing dead leads.


How Different Would Your Life & Business Be If You Could...

  • Market-proof yourself with knowledge and skills that make you necessary and valuable to your clients.
  • Help your clients build wealth.
  • Do more transactions with repeat buyers.
  • Stop chasing the same leads everyone else is.

The Real Estate Career You Imagine IS Possible!

Hey! I'm Debbie DeBerry.

I've been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2003 and I've chosen to work mainly with real estate investors as clients. This is what helped me not only survive but thrive through the Great Recession in 2008.

I've also trained and coached 1000s of women on how to get started investing in real estate, particularly buying, renovating and selling/renting houses since 2017. 

We've found some problems and we chose to create the solution.

What They Say

This is hands-down the best real estate class I've ever taken.


Taking this course was a smart business decision and an extremely valuable use of my time. I learned so much and Debbie was amazing at answering questions, clarifying and providing alternate solutions


No other course trains on working with investors. There is nothing like this!


The deal analyzers and questionnaires Debbie shares are AMAZING! My clients think I'm their hero!


I've taken 300+ hours of continuing ed classes throughout my RE career and the amount of knowledge, skills and materials shared in Debbie's course blow those out of the water.


The BEST real estate class I've EVER taken!


We were able to get coaching and support from Debbie every single day throughout the program. She is super available and responsive!