6X Your Transactions By Working With Real Estate Investors

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Close more deals by working with investors who buy and sell multiple times a year regardless of the market. Create security and financial freedom and stop chasing dead leads.


How Different Would Your Life & Business Be If You Could...

  • Market-proof yourself with knowledge and skills that make you necessary and valuable to your clients.
  • Help your clients build wealth.
  • Do more transactions with repeat buyers.
  • Stop chasing the same leads everyone else is.

The Real Estate Career You Imagine IS Possible!

3 Major Problems For Real Estate Agents

Trying to Be Everything to Everybody

When you say a message that will appeal to all people, you speak to nobody. Or when you try to be available to work with anyone with a pulse, you end up chasing everyone and giving up any control you had over your time and who you work with. If you're not known for something, you're known for nothing.

Agents Lack Access to Great Training & Support

Since starting as an agent in 2003, I've taken hundreds of hours of continuing education classes and since 2018 I've trained 1000s of real estate investors. It's very clear that real estate agents lack access to proper training and support to work with investors. This leaves agents ill-equipped to adequately serve these clients.

Agents Are Seen as "Unnecessary" by Consumers

Real estate agents are seen as a commodity and even more so when markets shift, UNLESS they are specialists in a niche that is not impacted negatively. Investors buy and sell regardless of market conditions. Many of the investors I coach end up DIYing the real estate agent's role because they struggle to find knowledgable agents. 

Hey! I'm Debbie DeBerry.

I've been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2003 and I've chosen to work mainly with real estate investors as clients. This is what helped me not only survive but thrive through the Great Recession in 2008.

I've also trained and coached 3,000+ women on how to get started investing in real estate, particularly buying, renovating and selling/renting houses since 2017. 

We've found some problems and we chose to create the solution.

The Solution Is A Real Estate Investing Certification Program For Real Estate Agents

What They Say

The way Debbie breaks down rentals, flips and creative financing makes it all so easy to understand.


I got my first investor client within 3 days of enrolling in this certification!


I now have the tools to help my clients get rich, and that's super cool.


The way everything is explained is incredible!


The most useful real estate training I've taken in over 20 years in business.


Do not hesitate to take this class!


I opted for the additional coaching and support and it was so helpful!


4 Big Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Your Business Becomes Market-Proof

Investors buy and sell in every kind of market. They aren't impacted or phased by the same kinds of things as traditional home buyers and sellers. 

Specialized Knowledge Makes You Stand Out In A Crowded Industry

You're no longer seen as a commodity. You're adding massive value to your clients and helping them build wealth.

Become Valuable & Necessary For Your Clients 

When you deeply know the market data and can educate your clients, you're seen as essential to their real estate investing journey. 

Smooth Out Your Roller Coaster Income

Real estate investors don't just buy one house from you every 7+ years like a traditional home buyer. Instead, they often buy multiple houses each year!

The ONLY comprehensive training program solely committed to helping real estate agents expertly guide real estate investors, differentiate themselves with specialized knowledge, add value to their clients and smooth out their roller coaster income.

Here's What You'll Get From This Training

24/7 Access to the lessons and materials.

Confidently Talk the Talk

Learn the lingo real estate investors use. Understand basic and advanced concepts around things like: creative buying/selling strategies, short-term, mid-term and long-term rentals and fix and flips.

Step-by-Step Processes

Learn how to help clients navigate rentals and flips, overdeliver and be necessary to your clients' success, and so much more, regardless of your experience level and your local market conditions.

Plug-and-Play Materials to Use With Your Clients

Get checklists, calculators, deal analyzers, step-by-step processes and more to plug into your business and share with your clients.

Online Classroom & Mobile App

Lifetime 24/7 Access. All course materials, including  videos, tools, guides, exercises, and my Profitable Flip Formula™ are in the online learning portal.

Core Curriculum

Access to 40+ trainings that cover everything from basic terminology to advanced creative buying and selling strategies. You'll be armed with the knowledge and tools to become the go-to agent to work with real estate investors in any market.

Module 1: Intro to Real Estate Investing

First, you'll learn some REI lingo! Use our powerful Investor Client Onboarding Questionnaire to uncover what your client's needs, expectations and goals are, so you can deliver properties that meet them. Over and over again.

Module 2: Real Estate Market Analysis

There are certain market data points that you need to be monitoring closely each month. I'll show you where to find them and what they tell you, so you can talk to your investors with a level of market knowledge most agents can't. 

Module 3: Real Estate Investment Strategies

Real Estate Investors are after 1 of 3 possible goals. Use these exercises to quickly identify the best areas in town for your clients to focus on for each of those goals, whether they want short-term, mid-term and long-term rentals, or fix-and-flips. 

Module 4: How to Analyze Rentals & Guide Your Clients

Get my calculators/deal analyzers to determine the best rental deals for your clients, and add extraordinary value by sharing these tools with your clients. Know which submarkets to recommend for any goal they have.

Module 5: How to Analyze Flips & Guide Your Clients

Learn my Profitable Flip Formula™ so you can teach your clients how to analyze a deal. Learn how to help your clients protect their investments and determine an accurate ARV based on the right comps and current market trends.

Module 6: Advanced Marketing Strategies & Business Processes

Add value to your clients by finding them great off-market deals. Learn how to talk about creative buying and selling strategies of subject-to, owner financing, and wraparound mortgages. 


  • REI Agent Business in-a-Box: Questionnaires, Documents, Profitable Flip Formula™ Deal Analyzer, Checklists, Calculators, Marketing Samples, etc. for You and Your Clients
  • Trainings, Lessons, & Materials - Lifetime Access
  • Featured on Our Preferred REI Agents™ List - Lifetime Access (Time-Sensitive Offer!)

Self-Study Course

$997 $397

  • Featured on Preferred Agents List for 1000s of investors
  • Lifetime Access to 40+ Lessons & Trainings
  • REI Agent Business-in-a-Box: Questionnaires, spreadsheets, templates, SOPs, calculators, and more to help you confidently run your REI Agent business

Get The Trainings & Materials To Successfully Work With Real Estate Investors

Lifetime access to 40+ trainings that cover everything from basic terminology to advanced creative buying and selling strategies. You'll be armed with the knowledge and tools to become the go-to agent to work with real estate investors in any market.

What They Say

This is hands-down the best real estate class I've ever taken.


Taking this course was a smart business decision and an extremely valuable use of my time. I learned so much and Debbie was amazing at answering questions, clarifying and providing alternate solutions


No other course trains on working with investors. There is nothing like this!


The deal analyzers and questionnaires Debbie shares are AMAZING! My clients think I'm their hero!


I've taken 300+ hours of continuing ed classes throughout my RE career and the amount of knowledge, skills and materials shared in Debbie's course blow those out of the water.


The BEST real estate class I've EVER taken!


We were able to get coaching and support from Debbie every single day throughout the program. She is super available and responsive!


Common Questions

Is this for beginners? I'm completely new to real estate.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Are you sure I can do this?

How many lessons are in the course?

What is the Refund Policy?

I've worked with a couple investors before or I've done some investing, is this relevant to experienced investors?

What does enrolling in this course give me?

How soon until I'm working with an REI client?

How soon do I get access to all the trainings?