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Real Estate Agents Are Faced With Two Problems...

1. Real estate agents lack access to proper training and support to work with investors. 

  • They don't know how to inform investor clients.
  • They don't have the right processes and systems in place to uncover their clients' needs and deliver properties that match those.
  • They don't know how to read a market and advise their clients.
  • They're largely just pushing paper rather than truly adding value.
  • Their broker isn't any help for answers either!
  • So, they must find solid training elsewhere, they just don't know where.

2. Real estate agents are seen as a commodity and even more so when markets shift, UNLESS they are specialists in a niche that is not impacted negatively. 

  • If you're an active agent and feel like you're constantly striving to win the popularity contest, it's because you're trading on clout versus knowledge.
  • You're in a prime position to empower your clients and helping them build wealth and reach their financial and retirement goals. 
  • If you aren't a specialized agent, you're focusing on the wrong things and trying to be everything to every potential client rather than being the go-to for one very specific niche, such as: investors.
  • The old adage is true: riches are in the niches!

The Solution...

Get The REI Agent Specialization!

Smooth Out Your Roller Coaster Income

Real estate investors don't just buy one house from you every 7+ years like a traditional home buyer. Instead, they often buy multiple houses each year!

Specialized Knowledge Makes You THE Go-To Agent for Real Estate Investors

You're no longer seen as a commodity. You're adding massive value to your clients and helping them build wealth.

Become Valuable & Necessary

When you know the deeply market data and can educate your clients, you're seen as essential to their real estate investing journey. 

Your Business Becomes Market-Proof

Investors buy and sell in every kind of market. They aren't impacted by the same kinds of things as traditional home buyers and sellers. 

Our  Inaugural REI Agent Class is about to kickoff and I'm ONLY working with 10 agents this round. You get personalized training and attention for a fraction of the future cost.

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MON SEP 19 @ 12:00pm CT

WED SEP 21 @ 12:00pm CT